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primarily 28mm 'scale' sculpts for various subjects in the Fenris Games catalogue


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sculpted greens:

lion statue
redcap goblin
anthro stegosaur
anthro ceratopsians
tiny t-rex
tapir trio
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painters' credits given where possible: further details on the Painters' Parade
big dead Fred
zombie 'tank', my own paintjob
Pickman's model
painted by Paul Sanderson
stegosaur anthro
painted by Matt Lucas
Durer's Rhino
painted by Jon Atter
Rogerick the rhino
paints by gi6ers (Matt Lucas)
Kara Safra - pumpkin bears
brushwork by minisbyfinch
Ollie the werewolf
painted by yours truly
Cod Almighty - Dagon
painted by Roy Duffy
paints by gi6ers
lizard beastman
Roy Duffy on paints
stegosaur anthro
painted by Roy Duffy
Mett-Aa the Fox
painted by geronimo of Fenris Games
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figures on video:

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Mett-Aa the Fox

painted by geronimo of Fenris Games