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It's relatively simple to commission an artwork / sculpture from me - tell me, show me, or draw me (etc.) what you're after, at what size or scale, how detailed you want it, and so on - and I'll tell you if it's possible, and at what cost: or, if you want to decide on how much you want to spend, I'll let you know what I can do within your price-bracket. Once all that's agreed, I'll usually require a minimum 30% deposit payment to cover the initial materials costs, (though this may be waived in some circumstances, particularly so on less costly miniature sculpts) and once that's received I'll get busy with your commission. I'll send photos of the work in progress to keep you up to date prior to delivery, and a finished item photo so you can confirm your order, which will be sent to you once I've received the balance of the agreed price.


Costs for commissioned works vary according to the subject size, complexity, and a number of other factors: but the main thing you should consider is that such individually-commissioned pieces are original artworks and not mass-produced factory-fodder - and the cost of any piece will reflect the amount of work that goes into the scale and the detail of the finished item: unfortunately, there's no way to standardise such an open-ended medium; bear in mind I'm working on several projects at once, and that all of this goes on in my spare time - unfortunately this isn't my actual job, I have to be realistic about making a living in the meanwhile: sometimes work in the real world can hold things up here when it gets busy there, so bear with me. Also, don't expect your order to be prioritised just because you want your certain something right this minute - it's amazing how many people think I can just turn these things out of nowhere, like maybe just dash one out over the weekend or something; honestly, there's a lot more to it than that: even for stuff I create moulds of, it's not that quick to make a reproduction, so please consider all these factors before beginning.


To otherwise give you some sort of a 'ball-park' of costing, though - well, a rough pricing guide for a 'typical' sculpt (which of course there's no such thing, but you know what I mean) goes something along the lines of a starting price of around £150-£250 (or whatever equivalent) per inch/25mm of sculpture (more typically 28mm in the current miniature market).


...meanwhile, none of this as yet includes postage/shipping, and these things can end up being quite weighty in that respect - and of course this also bumps up that ever-increasing cash-deficit: unfortunately I can't say with any certainty what the postage costs will be since obviously this varies greatly from piece to piece in direct accordance with the weight of the finished work, which is impossible to predict.


Anyway, all of this ought to give you some idea for the cost of an entirely original commission, which as you can see can get to be a pretty big chunk of change.


One other thing to realise or consider with a sculpt, is that, whenever I send an update of the progress on a piece, I'll tend to forward a few pictures of the work, or at least a link to a page of such pictures, for the client's consideration: I personally consider it to be only common sense that the client will assume these to be a prompt for further progress, i.e. that they should let me know that they approve of how the work is progressing thus far; however, if I send photos or links to a client and they fail to notify me in any way that they are pleased with the progress-so-far of the sculpt, I will cease work on the sculpt until such time as I do hear from them with such confirmations: for my own part I would assume that it would be entirely natural for the client to suppose that such photographs etc. should merit such responses, but it has been known for me to send out pictures to clients who have been badgering me for progress reports, and then suddenly not hear from them for prolonged periods of time; and that when they do at last respond, they're expecting their piece to have been finished; all I'm asking is that the client should always consider things from my point of view - if you've been asking for pictures and I send them to you, surely it's only natural to respond in some way - even a negative response is better than hearing nothing for a couple of weeks.


But in any event, if some time passes between my dispatching of photos and whatever response might be forthcoming from the client, then I will naturally assume that they have no further interest in the piece concerned, and will therefore stop work on that particular piece - unless or until I hear a positive go-ahead from the client - as it's simply not worth my time to continue working on something which might turn out to be unwanted - I have plenty of paid work to be getting on with, thanks very much, so don't come to my e-mail box with a short temper if you've been away for a couple of weeks and hoped to have a finished work at the end of it, if you haven't let me know in the meanwhile that you're still happy for the work to continue. I hope that's simple enough for everyone.


Meanwhile, back to the production-time of these works - so many people seem to want something as soon as possible - tomorrow / by the weekend / next Tuesday, that kind of thing - it just doesn't seem to sink in that I'm not a mass-production mail-order company, and I do not have ready stocks of any of this stuff sitting around waiting to be ordered: everything I produce has to be done on a made-to-order basis, therefore it takes time - as I've already said, with a lot of orders on the go at any one time, and with all of those orders being in due process, you should allow a minimum of 28 days for your order to be processed. For those of you who really must have something right now, take a look through some of the links on my suppliers / contacts page.


Finally, as far as my stuff is concerned, the only real limitations are your own imagination and what you're prepared to spend, otherwise the possibilities are almost boundless - natural world, sci-fi, the erotic and the bizarre, the weird and the wonderful - whatever.

Believe it or not, I'm not trying to put you off, but please take all the stuff I've mentioned into consideration before you start. Contact me via the e-mail link if you're still interested.


30% deposit required on more expensive orders - covers materials costs incurred at start of artwork development. Ask for details. Deposit non-refundable. Allow minimum of 28 days for order processing.

All artworks bought as seen in item photographs submitted for approval. The artist reserves the right to claim authorship of all original art and design work undertaken by himself, and similar claims to the finished shape or form of any given artwork or sculpture created by himself, until payment has been received and ownership of agreed rights relating to any such artworks have been passed on to the buyer. The artist also reserves the right to use any photographs of the finished work or work in progress for his own purposes.

The artist cannot accept responsibility for any item lost or delayed in transit, but will take every measure to ensure safe delivery of the item concerned. Price quoted for any item will include delivery costs likely to be incurred for item dispatch.

All original artworks, drawings, sculptures, models and photographs, and any names, terms, or phrases originating in the text or logos appearing on this page or any other page throughout this website are copyright Jon Brumby 2017 unless noted otherwise.

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